Balance career and family without worrying

Balancing family and work life remains a challenge for many parents. Financial worries, time restrictions and a guilty conscience are a constant companion for many every day.

Through the program “Karriere mit Kind” we help to promote a balance between career and family life and take away some of your worries. This new kind of investment is unique worldwide!

We want to provide working mothers and fathers with the opportunity to go back to their jobs and continue their careers while maintaining their family life – should they wish do so, of course.

Affordable Childcare and Caregiving

What is special about “Karriere mit Kind” is that our profit sharing takes the form of a fixed percentage rate of your monthly income. We see you as a person motivated to perform due to the demands of your personal and working life.

For this we do not require either a guarantee or collateral – we simply evaluate your willingness to perform, your endurance and your motivation and, therefore, your earning potential in the job market. Why? Because we profit from your success, just like for a startup participation. We alone assume the financial risk, should you earn less or have no income at all.

With a traditional loan you are required to pay back the principal amount plus interest in fixed installments; no matter if your financial situation actually allows it. Your payment to us is entirely calculated based on your earnings. This means that you pay only what you can afford. Our investment in you is independent of state subsidies or benefits that you may receive. It also does not have any legal bearing on your benefits.

Real Life Examples

Caroline has two children and is working part-time. Both of her children already go to primary school. Until now she has used her overtime to spend most of the summer and winter vacations with her children. She would like to work full-time again because her employer, a bank in Linz, has offered her interesting career prospects. Her children are very athletic and old enough to go to summer camp. Caroline applies to “Karriere mit Kind” for an investment of EUR 4500.- in three installments to provide meaningful activities for her children while she works.

Jasmin is a single mother and works for an energy company in Vienna. She earned EUR 3800.- pre-tax when she became pregnant. After a maternity leave of a few months she decides to return to work full-time. Her mother helps out as much as she can, but she can’t babysit her granddaughter every afternoon. To unburden her mother, Jasmin applies to “Karriere mit Kind” for a monthly investment of EUR 500.- to fund a nanny.

Eric is a single father of three children. His family helps him a lot with childcare. His employer offers him the opportunity for a very interesting promotion if he agrees to take a 10 month training program. The training program is for professionals and only takes place on week-ends and at night. Eric decides to hire an English-speaking au pair for the duration of this training period. He applies for a Karriere mit Kind investment of 1200.- per month for 12 months.

Apply now to “Karriere mit Kind” and let us evaluate your chances of success! In case of a positive result we would be happy to invest in you and your family.

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