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Looking for motivated moms and dads!

“Karriere mit Kind“ is a new form of investment, unique in the world: your caregiving, childcare and training expenses are paid by the fund in return for a moderate share of your income.

The investor, The Fund of Excellence, is registered as an alternative investment fund and has the aim of helping working parents with their double, and sometimes even threefold, burden. Based on our conviction that this target group is highly performance-oriented, focused and motivated to continue their career successfully.

No loan, no interest, no fixed installments. We understand that parents and caregiving relatives especially need flexibility in their finances. This is why we invest in motivated and focused mothers and fathers who want to have a successful career with children!

We assume your childcare expenses

We assume your expenses for childcare, caregiving, training and one-off costs. In practice, this means:

  • Childcare: up to EUR 500/month per child
  • Caregiving expenses: up to EUR 500/ month
  • One-off costs: up to EUR 5000

In return – like an investment in a startup- we receive a fixed percentage of your monthly earnings for a predetermined period of time. This includes all income from self-employed work, business income and salaried work.

There is no risk for you because your payment is based on your monthly income – e.g. 5% of your income per month. Should you earn less or nothing at all, we assume the entire risk of financial loss.

Individual, capped share

Generally, our share is between 2% and 6% of your gross income, depending on

  • the size of our investment
  • the duration of the payment obligation and
  • your potential for success

The percentage always remains the same, individually agreed upon with you, no matter how much you earn or where you may end up working. This percentage and the duration of the payment obligation depend on the size of our investment and are determined with you, based on your potential. In addition, we set a maximum amount for your overall payments.

After the expiration of the predetermined period the investment agreement ends and you have no further financial obligation towards us. Our investment is secured by term life insurance which we have taken out with the VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP. So, to join our program you don’t need savings, a guarantor or your own term life insurance!

Apply now to “Karriere mit Kind”! We are always looking for promising parents and are eager to receive your application.

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…so that you can do your job without worrying

The benefit is obvious: no matter how much you earn – your children and your relatives will still be taken care of. If you earn little, or nothing at all, you will only pay back little or nothing at all. The risk is ours alone!

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