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You want to balance family and job life, undergo a training program or maybe take care of relatives in need of medical care. We are always looking for motivated parents in whose career we can invest in.

After an online application, evaluation by our experts, an online assessment center and an interview you will know within 10 days if we want to invest in you.

The offer is valid for all citizens and states of the European Union and associated countries (EEA and EFTA). Start right now by applying online:


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What is the difference between this investment and a loan?


With a conventional loan you know from the beginning how much you will have to pay back every month. This fixed repayment does not take into account whether or not you can actually afford the monthly installments, and the financial risk is yours alone. Additionally, you need a guarantor or collateral if the loan exceeds a certain amount. Our investment works differently. We evaluate your past performance, your motivation and your potential on the job market. In exchange for our investment, we receive a fixed percentage of your future income for a predetermined period.