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Child. Career. Maternity Leave.

I am a Fighter

Do you have to tackle everything by yourself or could you use some financial support?

We want to invest in you, and that means investing in your family. We cover: childcare, your children’s school fees, tuition costs for your continued education, and an allowance for care for the elderly. In return, we receive a percent share of your income for a set amount of time. When that time is up, our contract is ended, we stop receiving payments and you have no further financial responsibilities towards us.

How it works




We invest
in you

to work

Return a share of
your income

Children. Career. Maternity Leave. – Why do we invest?

We want to give working mothers and fathers the opportunity, to (re-) enter their chosen careers and continue to fulfill their professional aspirations, while still giving their family the care and support they need.

Child Care:
up to € 500.-/month and child

Care allowance:
up to € 500.-/month

One-off payment:
up to € 5,000.-


Just click on the "Start Now" button. It will bring you directly to our EDP platform.

Approximately 10 working days, once we have all the necessary documents.

Our selection process consists of:
  • Online application
  • Personality assessment test
  • Personal interview

Whether your career goes as planned or veers in a completely different direction, our agreement stays the same. For a set period of time, we support you in your career path. In return, we receive a percentage of whatever income you may receive. We always receive the same percentage of your income no matter how much you earn, so we carry 100% of the financial risk in this agreement. If your career takes off (and we think it will), the share you pay back to us will reflect that success. If you don’t earn anything at all, neither do we.

No. The only thing that matters is that throughout our selection process we become convinced of your good career prospects and of your willingness to realize your vision.

When the time frame of our contract ends, you have no further financial obligations towards us. We stop receiving payments automatically – regardless of how much you have paid us during the duration of the contract.

We know that these things are part of life. We are partners in your financial success, and we bear the sole risk if you earn less than originally expected, or even nothing at all. So, if you are not earning any income, we are not going to touch anything else. Our agreement is tied exclusively to your earned income.

The payment is between 2% and 12% of your gross salary, depending on our investment level, your personality profile and your chances of success.

We also set a maximum amount to be paid, should you have a higher than average income.

The monthly percentage and the duration of our investment depend on the amount of our financial commitment, your personality profile and your career prospects. This percentage is agreed upon individually with you.

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