We invest in your career…

The Fund of Excellence is an investment fund that invests in promising people. The program “Karriere mit Kind” (Career with Child) invests in your childcare, caregiving and training costs. In return you let us have a small percentage of your monthly income.

Our investment

…so that you can do your job without worrying

The benefit is obvious: no matter how much you earn – your children and your relatives will still be taken care of. If you earn little, or nothing at all, you will only pay back little or nothing at all. The risk is ours alone!

Your benefit


What is the difference between this investment and a loan?


With a conventional loan you know from the beginning how much you will have to pay back every month. This fixed repayment does not take into account whether or not you can actually afford the monthly installments, and the financial risk is yours alone. Additionally, you need a guarantor or collateral if the loan exceeds a certain amount. Our investment works differently. We evaluate your past performance, your motivation and your potential on the job market. In exchange for our investment, we receive a fixed percentage of your future income for a predetermined period.

Apply now!

The Fund of Excellence selects you based on an online application, an evaluation, an online assessment center and an interview. We continuously accept new applicants into the program!